New Top Ten – Your End-of-Year Favorites

I have put together a “Top Ten” part of the portfolio, and I will try to keep it fresh and new throughout next year as well. For now, here are the ones that appeared to be your favorites throughout the year. Of course I like em too… or else I wouldn’t have posted em. ๐Ÿ™‚

Farewell India

Hong Kong from The Peak on a Summer Night

Fourth on Lake Austin

Swallowing the Ruins

My Kinda Town

Across the Line

The Airy Doom of the Duomo

Milan Train Station at Midnight


One Night in Bangkok

  • I was at the taj mahal over the summer and should have taken the time and gone to the other side to take a shot…

  • DCP

    Your use of HDR is sloppy and makes your photographs look like unnatural and blurry.

  • michael ward


  • chris

    DCP, you are sloppy and I hate you.

  • haha thanks all… even the bad comments… I can take it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Barry

    DCP,go take a vacation…. in Southern Iraq.You are a douche.

  • honest

    DCP isn’t completely wrong.
    I love hdr but it isn’t always the easiest thing to shoot.
    Good work, I’m sure you’ll perfect your technique with some more practice.

  • orange

    i dont know much of High definition shooting but i must say tehre are alot good ones between them he will be better at the time anyway guys everyone was a starter needed to get the right angle and technique

  • lis

    I love the last one.. I don’t recall seeing it before.

  • wheelnut53

    I dont see nothing wrong , beutiful shots. I just wished you had label them please what is the city scene the one where it looks like it in a valley oh heck just name them all LOL LOVE IT ALL !!!

  • wheelnut53

    I don’t see anything wrong.

  • nice collections
    love to see that

  • steve

    i dont know WTF dcr or hdp is but those are friggin awesome and i love em!! especially the fireworks one, the cathedral thingomajiggy and the building against the cloud! they are all awesome once again i love it your a great photographer!! and if you didnt take them all, you have an awesome collection:)) 70 million kudos:)) i cant fully express my wownessity by this its amazing!! k whatever you get the point so ill stop:)

  • thomas

    Some people just cant take critisism. Souriously, those pictures look like you are abusing photoshop filters. The church and the tree look like they are from a videogame.

    but, hey, call it a “bad comment”, if it makes you happy…

  • Thanks all… I take criticism very well… no worries… I have many psychological layers and matrices to defend and deflect any interruption patterns.

  • TFSR

    Some of these photos look incredible; others look like incredible screenshots from games. Either way , I like the look. I wish I had the kind of time, money, and talent needed to take these kinds of pictures :/.

  • Yunie

    Amazing!!! Downright beautiful! The 2nd and the 4th one are my all time favorites. Such amazing art..

  • steezy jeezy

    photography is a form of art with that being said who gives a fuck if they don’t look realistic in my personal opinion they are great looking images nice job

  • seps1816

    Awesome job

  • mike


  • kt

    These are beautiful and I’m jealous that you’ve been to all of these places to take these pictures.

  • Snowy

    Wow. Those are AMAZING!!

  • me me

    2nd and 4th pictures are my favorite

  • I think the reason HDR photos look so “fake” is that they defy what we think a photograph should look like. A color slide film will give you like 5 stops total of exposure… Ansel Adams was able to get 10 stops out of black and white film, with special processing and tons of dodging and burning and even modifying his negatives with pencil. He basically created the idea of HDR.. but I digress. The human eye is used to seeing things naturally like HDR because it can adapt to the lighting of whatever it’s focused on seamlessly, so that we don’t notice the variance in contrast. Psychologically, we’re used to photographs having a very compressed dynamic range, though our eyes can see much more. We come to assume that, for a photo to look natural, it must have that contrast, otherwise it would look cartoonish. Every scene we see with our eyes takes up our entire view (duh), but a photograph takes up but a fraction of the total view, so our eyes aren’t adapting to various parts of it. While the effect may look cartoonish, who are we to say it’s crap or unpure photography? Yes, it may look like it’s computer generated, but in a way it is. The Chicago school of photography put out some very interesting abstract photographic ideas… Man Ray, etc… and even RIT with Minor White (who taught Jerry Uelsmann, yet another person many people may have initially disregarded as “crap” because it looked fake…) Yet Uelsmann’s the king of post-visualization… and these photos are a combination of both pre- and post-visualization. What a novel concept.. HDR introduces yet another possibility into photography. And yet some dismiss it as crap because it looks fake. I’m not personally very good at HDR.. I’ve tried it, and I get frustrated every time.
    Who cares what the colors and contrast look like, though? The compositions are solid, I think. The Chicago one is alright. I think it only got a high rating because of what it is. I feel that it’s slightly cluttered and hard to read; but the others are pretty solid.

    But that’s just my two cents (and a penny for my thoughts… somebody’s making a penny somewhere..)

  • Rob

    Fantastic work!

  • bigb

    I love your photography. It looks like something out of a dream. Really creative.

  • Thanks yall! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I really cant see why some folks have to be very aggressive in there dislike of this work with words like “I hate you” thats just childish and daft. So some may say that the skills are sloppy, maybe… I neither know nor care and I don’t think that he work suffers as a result, for what its worth I like that fact the images look un natural and that they look like they could possibly have come from a game, and perhaps that ,makes them more relevant and interesting then taking the well trodden path. Personally I really enjoyed the images and hope you don’t change your style. Cracking work…

  • Baldkat82

    I don’t care if anything looks “fake”. I think the artistic value of these photos is high no matter what kind of photoshop filters someone uses. The ability to create these photos is awesome. Ok, i’m not a pro photographer and perhaps according to a couple commenters there is some technique that could be improved… But regardless, i really like these pictures. I plan to use them as desktop backgrounds. thanks!

  • Very nice work. It may look fake as the above comments mention, but that should not be negative. The creativity is the main point here and the author did a great job. I say congratulations !

  • colin

    yeah the colors are great.

    good job man.

  • wow. those pictures are truely beautiful. they make reality seem like a fantasy

  • Lloyd

    why is everybody’s English so bad?

  • Honestly love your technique, very good use of your brushes and filters. The shots magnificent! I got to say the cathedral by far my favorite those vitreux is like they r evrywhere very nice work you set the right mood for a complete barroque experience! My biggest and honest admiration.

  • es impresionante la calida y hermosura de esas fotos!!! bellisimas

  • guy

    nice photos
    nice work


  • Wow!

  • As Odilion Redon once said…”Artist’s who approach perfection do not have many ideas.” Anyone can go “there” and take a picture. It takes an artist and an artist’s eye, and even more, an artist’s mind to make a work of art. Like my dorm prefect at RISD said a decade ago…”Don’t worry Honey. All art is subjective.” I say Bravo for marching to the beat of your own drummer.


    ps-not to be petty “Lloyd” but shouldn’t it be “Why is everyONE’s english (expressed) so badLY? lol :o) cheers

  • edgardo

    Really beautiful and excellent images. They make you feel something and are most interesting than, for example, those ones in B&W that shows a boring side of realistic world, It’s very easy to criticize and make nothing good

  • Kudos for taking the time: for those who make negative comments, I’m sorry you feel such negativity to be necessary, perhaps you could suggest better ways? Show us your work?

    For your efforts, I commend you to put it in a public forum. I find the shots inspiring. Great work and keep it up and show us more!

  • Thanks all… I don’t mind the negative nancies… I have a thick skin.

  • Juha

    Nice work. Please don’t correct your technique.

  • Beautiful photographs made all the better because they’re released on creative common.

    Excellent work!

  • easy e

    I don’t really understand why people are flamed for giving ‘negative’ comments. Your opinion is, well, your opinion. I for one can’t stand the look of these. So kill me. I just don’t like the blurry, overly colorized look. I tend to agree with one of the other posters, to the effect that they look like video game stills or photos that were incredibly stylized by cheesy photoshop filters.

    That being said this guy has talent for being able to do this in the first place. While I don’t like it, I’ve never been able to demystify HDR images and for that I gotta give some KUDOS! I do think this photographer will get better with the technique as time goes on, but if he doesn’t want to and is perfectly happy with the way they are then so be it. That’s his decision.

    I would only hope that the photographer would take some of the criticism to heart, and try things different next time. Perhaps tone down the dramatic colors to lose some of that fake photoshop look. I don’t think you have to go for Ansel Adams realistic work, but if you tone things down a bit I think all the photos could be stronger and benefit from it. It’s sort of the same technique with film. Some of the best effects in film are the subtleties one overlooks.

    I do agree that if you are going to speak negative or speak your mind, you should at least give some constructive criticism. I hope I did.

  • Lisa

    Too much of HDR!

  • playno

    photos are shit hot wish i had been there to take them don’t stop you will only get better

  • Hey

    Nice pictures…Really good work……..

    Some of the places can be identified while others not.

    For example, the tree with the sunny background; the railway station and especially the third picture which is so bright and colorful….I just want to know which place that is.

    Could you please label the pictures with the place and date, if possible?


  • Thanks all – you can see where and when the pics were taken if you click on them and look on the Flickr page

  • I bet some of these photographers used Phase One digital backs.

  • Hi, I could only see two of the pictures since the others are on Flikr, which is blocked in China. I loved those two pics very much and wish you could use a non-blocked site so I and the other 500million online people here can enjoy them as well.

  • I could see the two pics on farm3 @ flickr, the others were blocked…

  • Ben

    These looks really, really good. I don’t care what DCP thinks, and yes, they do surreal, but that’s what they’re aiming for!

    Great pictures, I can’t get enough of those city HDR shots.

  • Chris

    I just read every comment. Wow. Okay, that means I’m bored, sure, but that also that means I got the opportunity to see several points of view. I have never really used HDR but am a fan of photoshop filters and other alteration tools. I personally found the photos fascinating (otherwise I would not have read the comments). Many of my friends do not appreciate what I do with photos (filters, etc.) and offer constructive feedback with the best of intentions. I have found that if a photo, drawing, painting, etc. brings any criticism that actually affects my mood towards the creation then I never truly was satisfied with it. Not that I do not wish to improve, only that I will never apologize or change that which I have created and already looked upon as truly finished–that is, matching what my mind had intended.

    I dig the styling and composition (whatever you may have used).


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  • Shaye

    Well, I’m not a photographer and I don’t know what the hell HDR is and really don’t care. I will tell you this: when I stumbled upon this site I really thought it was great art work and probably would have never guessed it was photography until I looked at the heading and the comments. I think your photos are fantastic, especially the one of the city (I suspect Chicago) where it looks like the city is in Hell and the one in Asia where it looks like the clouds are taking the shape of the tower. It’s beautiful. You make me want to be a photographer. Glad you’re man enough to take my constructive criticism;)

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  • That shot if Chicago is excellent. Seen the city so many times fly in and out of O’Hare. This makes it seem completely new.

  • Pictures are beautiful, art is art and should not be judged…that’s just my opinion…. I adore color! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Trey, you have amazing talent – I’m so proud to show it off on my Moxie Mo Show podcast – our fans LOVE your backgrounds on my show!

    Many thanks and here’s to a prosperous 2010!
    Moxie Mo aka Jeff McCord

  • Kc

    Your work is beautiful! There’s a difference between constructive criticism and whining because you don’t like the hdr style. Art is what you make of it so it’s pointless to try and define it. I love hdr because you can create art that is uniquely your own and you’ve done a great job!

  • Scott

    I strongly agree with several other comments in that these images look like they are from videogames. While I do not like the over-stylized effect, I can appreciate the time and effort required to produce these images. Notice I specifically call them images, not photographs, because that is far from what you’ve created. I think that these are too saturated and too “dreamy” and lose any essence of human emotion in them. The one picture that I do like is the scene with the monkey because it does not look saturated or obviously photoshopped. I think you should try and create pictures that do not look completely fake upon first impression, forcing the viewer to try and figure out what you did to get a beautiful shot. Good luck in the future, and please see this as constructive criticism.

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