Malaysia from the Air

Shot while skydiving and using a tripod.
Malaysia from the Air

  • Esh

    Well I would title this image “Talent is showing it’s true colors “

  • Esh

    But did u shoot this in mid air or from the plane?

  • Susan

    You’re too funny Trey! Super shot!

  • “Shot while skydiving and using a tripod.”
    Eh? 🙂

  • haha yes… not…exactly

  • Mar

    However you did it, the result is stunning…!!!

  • How exactly does one use a tripod while skydiving?

  • It’s a bit like wearing a parachute while on the ground!

  • I still don’t get it,’wearing a parachute while on the ground’“Shot while skydiving and using a tripod.”? Well,im living in KL and i never knew there is a high ground place to see this wide view of KL,you shoot all these from a tower? Cheers.

  • Hehe well… This was shot from KL Tower

  • I was going to ask the obvious question that has already been pointed out, however I think I will just comment that I heard about you on Pro Photo Show shortly after being hooked on HDR. I’m compiling my amateur portfolio, most for personal reasons but you are a real HDR hero and I hope you all the best.

    rock on!

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