The Festival of Lights in Lyon

Every year around this time, Lyon lights up with a festive light celebration. All over the town, they erect unique light sculptures, torches, lasers, candles, light shows, projections, strobes, and anything else you can think of.

This shot is very unusual and the light did unexpected things to the lens, but I quite like it!

The Festival of Lights in Lyon

  • Esh


  • Esh

    Like background

  • Love how the (church?) contrasts with the blues. A fantastic shot just in terms of lighting alone!

  • I could see such scene in my dreams only…the contrast of colors is very interesting.
    good job =)

  • bobo

    Hehe, this is my town.
    It is not a church but a basilica (a big church)
    If you want more pictures, just write `fete des lumieres` in google

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