La Basilique du Sacre Coeur de Montmatre

Thanks for the suggestion to visit this place… I had a nice evening walking around it and the general area snapping pictures. I even snuck inside through the abbey area to get some shots from the inside.

I did some research on this place and found out this is where the Jesuits were founded in 1534.

La Basilique du Sacre Coeur de Montmatre

  • Gorgeous work. I love the detail in the building. Once again your pictures amaze and inspire!

  • TAN

    Hey Trey !

    What a shot, as always, great colors & angle on this one ! There is so much great places in Paris…don’t miss the “Grand Palais” (re-opened recently) for great HDR reflections !!!

    NB : fyi you missed a letter in the title, it is “Montmartre”, not “Montmatre”;-)

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  • Thanks all! I won’t have time to make the Grand Palais – maybe next time!

  • The church was only built last century which I was a little disappointed about. Probably because I had been to Italy just before going to paris.The church didn’t seem quite so impressive.

  • fantastic work. well done

  • nice picture, really adorable


  • Wow I just shot it from the other side, and I thought my pic was good. Yours is quite amazing – the detail is stunning!

  • monstrously

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