The Old Russian Streetcar (still in operation…)

This is very near the center of town in Kharkov, Ukraine. They use these old trams that are absolutely on the edge of breaking down with every creak and groan.

The Old Russian Streetcar (still in operation...)

  • hdr

    Great picture, love the tones.

  • Fantastic picture, loads of atmosphere, very good!

  • so unreal – the atmosphere is a bit creapy – strong shot!

  • people inside the train are like the dead bodies who have been in that train since the 1960’s!!
    Great shot and meaningful editing 😉

  • Ondrej

    The tram on the photo is czechoslovak Tatra-CKD T3 type and was produced from 1964 and newer modifications up to eighties. That means this one could be min. 20 years old. Life is sometimes very hard and in the postcommunism countries even harder. The photo is very impressive.

  • fantastic shot. who would have thought that the 21st century would look like this?

  • Denise Weston

    What a terrible legacy communism left behind! Thank you for sharing this photo. It is hauntingly beautiful.

  • Hello Hello,
    Are you still in Kharkov? I was there last year, and left in september back to San francisco..
    I am back in kharkov, actually moved here..

    A drink sometimes at pushka or other?

    Best regards

  • Thanks – no – but I will be back in Ukraine within the next few months.


    I hate Russians, they all are communists and they still are communist people..
    I’m Armenian from Yerevan City.

    My address is FUCK RUSSIANS…


  • Lena

    these streetcars are from 70th, I remember them when they were brand new and I was little and my family was still big and alive but Kharkov was always gloomy.

  • Mr. Colt

    Cool picture! It’s so.. unusual. I live in Kharkov many years, and see “that” is a habit.

  • mark

    The one’s I remember were all underground… I was in the absolute center of kharkov… and nothing looked that bad… Im really wondering where this location is?

  • Buddy Guy

    To the fascist from Armenia. I have an Azerbaijani friend and he says now that their crazy president has all the oil money they’re gonna take their land back off you arseholes. Only needs the permission of Mr Putin and bam bam thankyou Armenian mam!

  • Anonymous

    hey gooff !!!
    Ukraine and Russia are completely differant ! People in Kharkov are nice, hard working, peacful, and enjoy freedom. They are just getting use to it…..I was overwelmed with the oxy morons, like all the old apartments look like bombed out buildings untill u go inside !!! All the top end appliances and decor….

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