Updated the Prints at ImageKind

I get the occasional email from people that are unable to find where to order prints. I use ImageKind for all this sort of activity. It is a great service, but I am not so happy with the way the pricing is set up. If I had my way, I would prefer that only the larger sizes were available since these pictures look best when your eye has to travel around them a bit. I have a full scientific viewing theory about HDR I won’t go into now… but larger sizes are anecdotally and scientifically better! 🙂

I added some new images to ImageKind. Below are a few of the ones you can find there.

The Secret Passageway to the Treasure

Morning Seagull over Vesuvius

Swallowing the Ruins

  • Trey

    I’ve enjoyed your site and your work, and having read your article (wherever I found it) on photoshop and HDR, have begun sharing my beginner’s experience as well. I’d be interested in your feedback. Oh and that bit about why LARGE is key I’d love to hear more about.


  • Eugene Foss

    I want to take a guess at the concept of the scientific theory. My guess is related to why your HDR technique “works”. Your method intensifies local contrast by choosing an exposure for each small area of the image that would be ideal for that area, as if it were a little mini-photograph of its own. That’s why you would prefer to force the viewer’s eye to travel, to take in the image one mini-photograph at a time, sort of.

    I would guess the best way to do that would be to print a large image, and position it where the user can’t really step that far away from it…maybe a hallway?

    Mr. Ratcliff, if you read this…was I close?


  • hehe yes very close! 🙂

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