This is Secret

This is Secret.

I found her walking with her hooded ilk around the back streets of Mumbai. Usually when I see a cadre of the enshrouded, they are accompanied by Muslim man that is glaring at almost everyone. This time there seemed to be no alpha around, so I asked her for her name. She looked at me and smiled (I think) and then looked furtively around to see if anyone was watching. I got the distinct impression that since I was a white oddity that actually spoke to her that she wanted to talk, but then thought better of it and made a slight bow before gliding away.
This is Secret

  • ripley

    it’s a man behind the mask..terrorist perhaps.

  • Esh

    Well nice shallow depth of field, but nah it did not click with me too much, it’s a really good Photo but their is somethin lacking

  • Esh

    crop out the unwanted area behind the head a bit

  • I think this is an amazing image! At first you only see the eyes and then you see the Mona Lisa smile behind the veil. Good stuff! I have favorited your blog.

  • Jim

    Stunning, Absolutely Stunning Image!

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  • David Of Putnam

    This is a beautiful photo. I agree with previous posters considering cropping. I feel that this photo is about the eyes.

    Ripley, you are a racist.

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  • Facebook User

    I love the pic. It just goes to show that it doesn’t need much to show real impression!

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