Farewell India

I had a great time in India! I am very thankful to my various hosts for showing me such a good time.

Besides a weekend trip to the Taj Mahal, as you can see below, I was also treated to a full immersion into Bollywood here in Mumbai, the center of the movie world here in India. It started with a 3-hour viewing of Om Shanti Om, complete with a pre-show standing for the Indian national anthem. Afterwards, we ate dinner at Olive’s, which is a trendy place where many of the Bollywood stars go to see and be seen by the Page 3 newspapers. My host was leaning over to me telling me who was the sister-in-law of whom and which directors were entering while escorting which starlets.
Farewell India

  • This is an amazing photo!!!

    I have already shared the link with two friends.

    Thank-you so much for sharing!!


  • Lee

    OMW! that is an awesome photo!


  • WOW! I’d never seen such a shot from Taj Mahal…good job =)

  • WOW! I’d never seen such a photo from Taj Mahal…good job =)

  • Thanks all! Glad you like it! 🙂

  • Rishi Gajria

    Thats Bombay my friend. Mumbai is the name the minority goverment of the 90s gave the city. Folks who have lived in the city prior to the State wars and rise of regional chauvinism call the city Bombay.

  • Shaku

    The dichotomy of the Taj…this is a more Indianized version than the typical pristine white renditions.
    Way better than Shah Rukh Khan or OSO 🙂

  • Absolutely amazing photograph. I have loved your blog and photos… the amish kid is another amazing photograph.. Totally mindblowing 🙂 BTW Taj Mahal was built in 1600s so is much older than what the cab driver told you 🙂

    Also saw your interview on NBC, too bad I don’t live in Texas and can’t fly for the photo walk.

    Do you have any tips for doing HDR with non auto-bracketing camera. I use NikonD40 and wondering how can I start on HDR with this camera? Any tips ?

  • Colleen Bevacqua

    I was just at the Taj last week and can appreciate your journey to get the amazing shot. Beautiful work.
    I was surprised that I came away loving the people more than the scenery.

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