New Delhi Family

I took over a hundred pictures of thousands of poor and destitute around India. I usually gave 100 rupees after I took the shot, but the tough part is was when dozens of kids descended on me whenever I pulled out the money.

New Delhi Family

  • Your images are always so amazing. You bring us in to the scene with you.

  • denis

    You know i lived in India for two years and giving 100 Rupees is really a lot of money. You could give one rupee maybe to more children ?

    And give rupees for pictures if you want, not begging for begging as these kids outside bring more money to their parents begging than going to school.

    It’s better to not give but donate to NGOs…

  • At the risk of sounding hard-hearted (which is far from the truth), every time I see the destitute/desperate zillions in India, I think that their culture (yes, the Hindu culture) and their government make it unlikely that there will ever be any meaningful amelioration of their condition.
    There, I said it.

  • Jim

    Fantastic Photo!

  • MC

    Ah India. Nice nail polish and nose stud on the oldest. And necklace on the youngest. As foreign as it gets.


  • rp

    it’s usual of any westerner to look out for such scenes in india and then find some artistic message from them….

    if you had looked around carefully…you should have got many more better subjects to shoot ..

    i appreciate you photography but the images from india don’t really convey anything. maybe you can try visit uk and take snaps of those teenage mothers with their kids and i am sure they will definetely make very good subjects.

    i have been to around 9-10 western countries and sadly everywhere its been the same stereotype image of india.

    India is much different from what you have shown.

  • RD

    MC, what a heartless pig you are.. Thank God and count your blessings. For all you know those poor kids dint even have enough to eat that entire week.
    Stop mocking people who in return can not defend themselves.
    And to all those who think this is only India, so just google New Delhi and click on the images. That will show you whole India. Unfortunately whole India also has some scars, which need to be treated but with love and care and not by mocking.

    Also, have you ever been to places like Oakland, Bayview in San Francisco, Chicago, NY, Detroit, etc.. You will find not just kids but adults also on the street sleeping.. I guess you Americans call them as homeless. Don’t always look at the skyscraper.. also look at its shadow.

  • sas

    MC…. ur a pig …a low life scumb bag who dose’t have the right to live …..western countries are complaning about us bombing and shootin and stuff..its cuz of littel bastards as ur self my friend …they are only kids…
    and if u feel like not helping u might wanna zip it up .. they are only kids
    where is this planet heading to…

  • jd

    I wish you people would learn a little grammer
    There is poverty everywhere, just give a little if you see it, if you have extra in your wallet. That is all! Its easy.

  • WoW! such an image.

    I’ve been in India too. Drove deep into poor villages to see how probably 80% of India people live. It was something like this family.

    Poverty is everywhere, but no where poverty is to this level as in India or Africa. Poverty in Europe or in America is richness comparing to third world countries.

    And if we ever decide to help, who to help?
    The most desperate ones.

  • andreas

    well…after coming back from pakistan and india after working there for a while…i stepped over this picture and…for me it is an expressive- good one- reflecting my senses and what they told me…

  • aaron

    Does it strike anyone as being odd, that JD, the self-proclaimed defender of English Grammar doesn’t know how to spell it? It’s spelt grammAr. Don’t you wish you had learned a little English spelling? BTW, It’s “It’s easy” not “Its easy”. It’s => It is. Its => belongs to it.

  • i’m going to india (kolkatta) in april. can i use your photo on my blog until i get some of my own? 🙂

  • Margie

    Everywhere you go on the Net, there is so much hatred. It is this “I-am-good-and-you-are-bad” attitude that is the cause of wars, violence, and ugliness around the world. Can we all stop being stupid ?!

    As far as the photo, I think it is beautiful, and I am sure you had good intentions in giving the kids money, but this does create a problem in that it becomes an expectation. Once when I was in a poor country, dozens of children surround us westerners. They were saying what first sounded like “Mornin’! Mornin!” which we thought was nice and were replying “Good Morning!” until we realized that they were actually saying “Money! Money!” 100 rupees is not going to save them, it only makes things worse, reducing them to beggars and us to dollar (or rupee) signs. It would be better to donate to a good charity. A simple smile and “thank you” will do for the photo.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  • Annie

    Only look at them they are soo cute …;( my heart hurs !!!

  • Ranjith

    Poverty is omnipresent… it is universal. The “warm-hearted, old-school gentlemen” from West seems to derive a peculiar pleasure and satisfaction in highlighting only the worst of India while ignoring her best. The truth is, there is splendor and rottenness everywhere… The question to persons like the one who shot the ‘amazing’ photographs posted above is “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

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