Humayun’s Tomb

This is a photo of the Tomb of Humayun in Delhi. I arrived during Diwali, the biggest annual festival that involves a burning a lot of things. Most of the tombs, mausoleums, temples, and the like were surprisingly empty, giving me clean access to cool places like this without dopey tourists getting in the way of sweet photography.

Stuck in India - Humayun's Tomb

The news broadcasts are filled with showing families celebrating Diwali along with non-stop live on-the-scene action reporting from the grand opening of Om Shanti Om, the Bollywood film of the year starring the unconquerable Shahrukh Khan. From the previews I have seen, the movie seems to involve a lot of Shahkrukh with his shirt off in huge musical numbers and copious amounts of slow-mo water exploding off his coppered abs.

It is the next morning now and the air in Delhi is covered with the smoke from last night’s festivities… There is this acrid smell of stale carbon and it’s not exactly like a trip to Sedona. Luckily, I am getting out of the city today because my hosts have been kind enough to give me a ride up to Agra to visit the fort and Taj Mahal… more pictures coming soon, so stay tuned! 🙂

  • Mark S.

    Looking forward to the Taj and Agra Gate pictures. I too am in India on business and a co-worker took me to Agra today as well.

  • I really like the way your technique renders the surfaces.
    Fine image.

  • Susan

    Beautiful shot Trey! Love the story too!

  • George Catling UK

    You must ask the question-“How did they do it”

  • I love the atmosphere and colour… a beautiful shot.

  • simple superb…

  • D

    feels like im there!
    kept scrolling up and down. down and up.
    up and down. down and up.
    up and down. down and up.

  • Awesome pictures. I just went there as well, but mine never turned out as good as yours!

    Just beautifull!

  • This site is interesting and very informative, nicely interface. Enjoyed browsing through the site.

  • Shaku

    Incredible photography! Looking forward to checking out the Taj and Agra pictures. I cried when I first saw the Taj Mahal sitting still and unmoved despite the sound and fury around it.
    Love the site and your work. Thanks for pointing it out to me yesterday.

  • Neel ChoK

    Nice pictures, but most of what you call ‘temples’ are actually Muslim tombs. Did the old ‘Hindu’ priest really disappear through that doorway covered in so much Arabic inscription?

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