Don’t Worry Mom – The Roads in Iceland Aren’t That Bad

I drove up to the extreme north of Iceland yesterday to do some serious exploration. I told my mom not to worry… the roads are not too bad. I know that sign says “Impassable”, but that sign is clearly for other people, or it is written in Icelandic and means something completely different in English.

I could try to describe how cold it is, but I will not.
Don't Worry Mom - The Roads in Iceland Aren't That Bad

  • I don’t see anything wrong with that road!
    I have a long, and dumbass, history of driving off on roads I shouldn’t have (a little venture into Glacier National Park comes to mind, snow banks overhanging the road).
    By the way, I’m a big fan of your photography, and you and a very few others’ online postings got me back into taking pictures, something I long ago loved–and now do again.

  • Susan

    You little devil you!

  • This looks like a typical Quebec road in winter. What’s wrong with it? There aren’t even snow banks in the middle.

    How cold was it?

  • Umm…that’s a road?

  • haha – the road was not in ideal conditions. I finally found one of those nice big roadside maps that Iceland has everywhere. They had a HUGE map of Iceland and they had a YOU ARE HERE dot that pointed OFF the bottom of the map! I’m not kidding…

  • Cool shoot! Your images from Icland make me want to go there, I would never considered it before! Also i have gotten into HDR as well,very cool. I print them as 36×24 canvas prints here in my studio. Keep up the good work:).

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  • Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!

  • Arnthor Benediktsson

    My mum actually has a farm and lives in the valley behind the montain in the middle of the picture. The big valley you’re in is called Svarfaðardalur and the little one is called Skíðadalur. If you were turned the other way you would be photographing the small village of Dalvik which is just about 30-35 km from the artic circle.

  • Wow, great site with just the info I was looking for on HDR software. Then I came on photos from Iceland. I was there in 1986-87 while in the US Air Force. My recollection of Iceland is not as cold as you may think. What the worst case for me was the wind. 30-40 MPH almost every day. Sideways rain and snow. Yes, some very low wind chills, but while I was there, 18 degrees was the low. 61 degrees was the high. For awesome photography, this is a hard place to pass up. You just gotta know when to go. September would be my choice. 95% of the days and nights were overcast. You seem to have found some blue sky which was very rare when I was there. If you are there in the winter, the aurora is absolutely stunning. I saw this a few times when the clouds broke and I cannot explain how amazing that was. That’s all for now.

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