The Black Rhino

I guess these are endangered. I dunno… seems strange to say endangered when everything is endangered. I like to say they are losing the Darwin race, but people that are really into endangered stuff don’t like to hear that.
The Black Rhino

  • Setj

    I think that’s a little unfair. If we wanted, we could make damn near *every* species on Earth “lose the Darwin race”, but that wouldn’t really be in any of our best interest.

  • Critically endangered, according to Wikipedia

  • I really like your HDR pictures and check them on a daily basis, but your comment on losing the Darwin race sounds at least unfair, and maybe childishly stupid.
    Just because mankind has the power and knowledge of killing anything that moves and polluting all the rest I would not think that those killed ones are losers.
    Mankind might endanger itself and at the end of the day we might be the losers of the Darwin race. But it does not mean that it must happen that way.
    Public speaking / writing means responsibility.

  • jtiek

    People that are into Darwin “stuff” don’t like to hear that either. Natural Selection somehow became Human Selection – we keep what we like and kill/eat the rest.

  • I’m just kidding… It’s not my fault that a Black Rhino does not know how to use the internet to order stuff off Amazon while eating a BLT. It’s just kinda how things evolve… and now we have nice black rhinos we can look at in zoos when we want to take a break from

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  • Softnice

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