The Calm After the Storm

A few days ago I posted a picture of the storm at the airport here in Palm Beach. I was contemplating flying into the heart of the storm instead of sitting in a room full of attorneys for the day. Today I chose the latter and it was about as much fun as it sounds. It was my first time through this particular experience and it wasn’t what I would call a rockin’ good time. I wish I could have said, “Your honor, the witness (me) is being badgered” but there was no judge, just a bunch of lawyers quoting rules and regulations I’ve never heard of. I think, technically, lawyers have formed a sovereign nation who have created a set of rules that abstract them and all behavior from regular society. That’s another pseudo-sociological concept I am working on, but is a rather empty thing to really think about unless you are on a break in one of those badgering-sessions.

After the session, I headed out to get some pictures around Palm Beach. I twisted my ankle in an effort to get this one… that dock is even more uneven than it looks!
The Calm After the Storm

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  • Thanks so much for this picture!!!

    So sorry you had to suffer a sprained ankle to share the moment with us!!

    I hope you like the picture as much as I do and that it is worth it to have captured the moment forever.

    Keep the awesome pictures coming!!


  • That looks eerily like a still from a movie. Perhaps some end times frame.

  • tc

    sweet picture. what kind of camera do you shoot with? also, is this photo edited or just straight up? I really think this shot is great.

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