Chicago in the Evening

This one was shot from the John Hancock building during sunset. I believe I was facing south with this one… Which reminds me… the other day Ethan asked why “south” is called “south”. I did not have a good answer.

Evening in Chicago

  • Wonderful reminded me Chicago.

  • Ben

    I’m pretty sure you are facing West with this photo. The United Center is in the distance toward the left (South), and I-90/94 runs across the length of the picture.

  • Susan

    Good question from Ethan!

  • So surreal. Beautiful colors.

  • Rob

    Troy, nice shot. My understanding of the origin of the term south is it originated from a Germanic/Old English words (the 2 are similar) meaning ‘the region of the sun’.

  • You are definitely facing west, I can see my building (barely), and a couple of other landmarks.

    Interesting about the origin of the word south, seems plausible.

  • Nicole

    It looks to me like the picture was taken facing the west/northwest. If it was facing south it would have many more tall buildings in the shot. Plus, the right side has one of the building corners in it that’s also in your north shot.

    Very neat picture style! And I especially like the one with a bit of Picasso’s Armadillo in it.

  • Matt

    You were facing west.nice shot

  • Kelly

    We learned in astronomy why ‘south’ is called south along with all the other directions, but it’s a very long drawn out story that I could in no-way remember. I don’t blame you for not having a good answer! 🙂

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