Under The Globulus Chicagus

This may be the dumbest name for a post I have ever made, but I hope to surpass it some day with something more stupider. This was shot in Chicago in the dead of winter, which seems to be most of the time in Chicago. You can still see the frost on the ground there in front of the castle.
Globulus Chicagus

  • HDR

    Love your work, do you have any tutorials online about the process you use?

  • Thanks! I have a tutorial up at http://stuckincustoms.com/?p=548

  • Ashley

    I just found the website a few days ago, and I truly love your work.

    However as a current resident of Chicago I should tell you that the image above is not a castle, it’s actually an old water tower.

    It was the only building left standing after the Great Chicago Fire, which is a pretty big deal to natives.

    You’ll notice the mall it sits in front of is lovingly named “Water Tower Place”.

    anyway, just thought I’d give you heads up.

    Keep doing what you do, your work is brilliant.

  • Tom Swoboda

    That is not the Chicago Water Tower. It is the old Pumping Station. The Tower is across the street to the west which would be out of view to the left of the photo.

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