The Christian Church in Beijing

I shot this just after dusk…
Beijing Christian Church

  • Amazing shot. Can I ask what shot of equipment you are using?


  • Wow, that is an awesome Picture.

    Great Job, Love the site.

    Jacob Lee

  • Plimina

    This is soooo beautiful, I couldn’t ever take such a awesome picture!!

  • i have to say yours is the best pic of christian churches in china a very clean shot I think i might use this picture in my speach on the boxer rebellion would that be okay with work cited?

  • num

    We are Thai Christian from Lamphun Thail-Korean mission Church. We are very glad to tell you that we have a CD of song of God’s word to give you all for free. Every song we are given a melody and a ward of the song is a scripture from the bible We hope that scripture in melody can help us to remember the word of God easily. Please write the word of God on our heart. If you are interested please contact us at [email protected] Tel. 083-0379837 (Pastor)

  • Aurel P. Micurescu

    Hello I am Aurel Micurescu, I am an ordained minister. I published 3 books of sermons in Romanian languague, and I am able to preach in English as well. I am intereted to travel to China in the future, to visit Chistian Churches as wel to preach if possible, I want to travel though Tanssiberian rail from Beijing to Moscow in my lifetime. I can mail some of my sermons that are translated into English to you. I send greetings in the name of Jesus, the only saviaor for the Jews an Gentiles, as well. Maranata!

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