The Timelessness of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Siem Riep (meaning, “The Defeat of the Siamese”) is one of the best ancient sites to visit in the world. There are hardly any tourists, which I, for some jaded reason, despise as a rule. Also, the extreme heat and weather patterns of the area seemed to make for the most unusual sky configurations. I did my best to capture one of them here.

Secondly, below the picture of the temple, I have put another one of my favorites from Angkor Wat, which is an old tree that has grown up and over the ruins, entombing them in roots.

The Timelessness of Angkor Wat

Swallowing the Ruins

  • Eric

    thanks again for the wonderful photos! I hope to be going out there in 2009, but until then your photos will do!

  • Jay

    Your photos are really unique, and very outstanding! This site really interests me.
    I have some photos at my blog also, but not as great as this. Is it okay for you to have an exchange link with me? Because I thought our blogs are a little bit related in some ways.

    Thank you and take care.

  • Jay

    By the way, I love staring at the reflection of Angkor Wat on the pond. Is it a pond? 😀

  • Yes – that is a pond – thanks all!

  • It is a shame that the water lilies are floating too much to the far side. The pond you took from is the one on the left. I took one from the pond on the right, it is smaller, but a better reflection.

    Saw your other photos on Flikr, did you not go to Tonle Sap? Would think that you can capture quite nice images there.

    Oh and the one in Ta Prohm, that’s gorgeous, I’ve tried to take an image like that too, but can’t expect too much from my little child’s play camera.

  • Thanks! I don’t know if I made it to Tonie Sap! 🙂

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