A Power Plant in a Small German Town

I spent the first night in Boehlen, Germany. It was a tiny town about an hour south of Leipzig. I noticed when I drove up that there was a power plant there right by the town.
A Nuclear Plant in a Small German Town

  • Wow. That looks scary! Excellent shot (as always!)

    Cheers from Munich, Germany!

  • Kyle

    This looks like an alternative cover for An Inconvenient Truth. Great photo!

  • That’s not a nuclear power plant. For a listing of all German nuclear power plants and their locations, click here.

    What you see in this picture are a pair of parabolic cooling towers releasing steam.

    Cooling towers can be used by any power plant that relies on the steam cycle to generate electricity — and that includes oil, coal and natural gas as well as nuclear energy.

  • Yes – thanks – in my flickr comments I noticed that it was not a nuke reactor at all!

  • Jonathan

    Another amazing pic. Many thanks for sharing.

    Can I ask, when these shots are taken; where there is a quite a fast(ish) moving (chimney smoke) scene,are they shot with one RAW image etc, or are you shooting 3+ shots in a burst? As you can tell I am an amateur, whose just trying to figure out how the ‘eck you manage this!

    Thanks again!!!

  • This one was 5 exposures – the steam does strange things with 5 exposures eh?

  • kelly

    Beautiful Shot!! I would like to use it for my facebook group which is attempting to stop plans to build a nuclear plant in Alberta, Canada. Would that be alright?

  • Well as much as I like having fans – no you can’t use it for that.

    Nuclear Power is one of the greatest and cleanest sources of energy currently on the planet. Don’t let the environmentalists out there brainwash you.

    In fact, the picture above is not even a nuclear plant.

    Also, what comes out of the top is not pollution, but steam – just water. I made it look dark in the shadows with post processing.

    Environmentalists like to use images like the above to prove a point that is based on a false premise.

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  • John

    oh come on, the steam over the chimney is a fake…. it is always white (or greys – depends on the color of the heaven – but it is never black)

  • Yeahh, go on Greanpeace freak.
    Fake the truth to get some fact’s to dicuss.
    that’s awesome lame


  • Hermann

    Hi, I am Hermann and I am german.
    The house you see there is the house I´m living in!
    Wonderfull isn´t it?

  • Hi Trey,sorry for teaching you,but before you post anything like this,make shure you get the facts right.there is indeed no nuclear power plant in the dresden region and you should change the headline of this post asap.there is a small line between false information and propaganda and you are not doing yourself a favour by giving away false information.we as the people who read your posts rely on you.on a positive note I have to say I like your work,some of it is a bit overdone for my taste,but with the new technology(hdr9) it is understandable that you try things out and your are on the right track anyway,keep the good work running ,take care.

  • Thanks — good point… you are right about it not being a nuclear plant… I thought it was at first — and then did not have time to go change it — did not think anyone would be offended by how power is generated… especially since I quite like nuclear power.

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