They Know Everything About You

Moving from courtyard to court hard within the temple, I came across these three monks in their bright orange robes.

They Know Everything About You

  • Awesome!

  • Blackwidow

    Dang! I really like the middle monk’s pose.

  • Great photo, but I think you overdid the glow on these guys.

  • Thanks – yes the glow is a little strong I agree. I wanted it to be overly dramatic… I did so much glow that they look almost pasted into the shot! Hehe… but they aren’t… I just did the old Photoship Buddhist Aura filter.

  • You got the effect you were going for with the glow. I like it – gives the photo a surreal feel.

    How old are these monks?

  • By the way, I linked you in my photo blog (I’m not asking for a reciprocal link or anything). I really like your site – awesome pictures.

    Hope you don’t mind. If so, just let me know.

  • Thanks!

    These monks were in their late 20’s early 30’s I would guess

  • Ah yes, the great Photoship Buddhist Aura filter. 🙂

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  • Rothima

    Wow, that was a great job.
    I’m from Cambodia and happy to see everyone like the temple of our ancesters. I hope all of u can see Angkor Wat Show.

  • Christina

    the glow makes them look enlightened!

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