Moon over Hong Kong

The full moon was over Hong Kong and it was burning through the clouds just after sunset. I shot this from the Kowloon side before I took the ferry back over to the island for the night.
Moon Over Hong Kong

  • Eric

    Wow thats an amazing picture! I always love moon pictures over the water!

  • Rob

    The colours in this image are spectacularly captured by HDR imaging. I do wonder though, why in an HDR image would the moon not be shown in more detail?

  • Chin

    Re: Rob

    Perhaps it’s because of cloud movement?

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  • This picture is AMAZING! When I was visiting Hong Kong, I took a ferry ride from Kaloon to see the skyline. This is how I remember it! Not the way my camera captured it!


    I just heard of HDR today (sorry to be so out of it). I just bought a D90 a few months ago, and I’m anxious to try your techniques!

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