Bottle Buster Preview on YouTube

I know this is a personal photo blog, but I wanted to link to this video because it is cool.

As most of you know, I run a game company. Our specialty is online games like MMOs and some of these are launching in the next few months. The video below is a different kind of game for us that falls into the casual space. We used the Havok engine to really add a new level of fun and interaction to a very unique and fun game!

Also, you can DIGG the video by clicking here.

  • charles

    It looks cool BUT it’s only a teaser.
    I wanted to play and couldn’t 🙁
    I truly hope that you will give us a notice when the game is available for us to enjoy.

  • I do agree with what Charles said…
    Btw, I remember the post about Ali and Amin, your Iranian employees. Just wondering if they still work with you?!

  • Yes – they still work with us – great guys they are! They took me to a great Iranian restaurant last time I saw them…

  • I’d love to play that on my Wii

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