A Filipino in Hong Kong

One thing I have noticed from staying in hotels in Asia is that the lounges at night are always full of spunky Filipino singers. I do not know why all the singers are always from the Philippines or why they are always spunky.

Hilton, Marriott, Shangri La, Mandarin Oriental, and all the others must flood the Filipino Craigslist with adverts asking for good singers that can do dance routines, sing, and never get tired of entertaining expatriots.

Below is one of the singers from the Marriott, who I met one night between sets. One of the owners of the Hong Kong Marriott was in the lounge and he saw me in the corner drinking coffee and working on a few photos. He was a big fan of my work and soon started calling all the staff, bartenders, his friends, and eventually the singers over to my laptop. I was surrounded and they were all looking at my photos and asking all kinds of questions. Joy, in the picture here, asked me if I would meet her in Kowloon on the weekend to take a picture of her for her portfolio.
A Filipino in Hong Kong

  • Have you been to the Philippines? Last time I was there back in 91, a lot of them wanted to leave.

  • I wouldn’t mind going back myself…

  • Bill

    Another reminder – straighten the horizon background and the picture will appear more pleasing to the eye. Need to watch for this on all pictures taken around lakes or oceans.


  • What is it with women wearing makeup that makes it look like they are wearing a mask, a pale mask that so obviously does not match the color of the rest of their skin?

  • Crap, typed my email as my name. oh well.

  • Erik

    Is that really a girl? Looks more like a man.

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  • Eugene

    am a filipino and proud of being one. we are just hospitable i think that’s why we really entertain other people. 🙂

  • Maria

    Please tell the lady in the picture to consult a make-up consultant as to what shade will suit her. I am a filipino and it embarasses me the outcome of this picture – so trying hard!

  • myrazol

    i’m filipino as well, really so embarassed to see her face that looks like she’s still wearing a mask

  • val

    i think she’s wearing her make up like that because she’s used to wearing it thick when she’s performing on stage. when you’re up there with all the lights, i would think you need to cake your face. … that’s what i think anyways.

  • I agree with Val. Under the lights, without makeup, the human face looks very plain.

    I like to look through the makeup. Contrary to what Erik says (above), I can see a very good looking young woman there. I would not kick her off the couch if you know what I mean.

  • social sherpa

    during the day, many female Filipinos work as Au Pair for both ex pats and Chinese nationals; and at night, they many pursue other career interests.

  • Anyways, I noticed at the right side of your website some links to some Asian sites that you’ve been. Maybe you could try doing some HDR shots in the Philippines. I’d love to see you do some shots of the Mayon Volcano (Albay) or even the Chocolate Hills (Bohol). Or maybe you could visit one of the festivals there and do HDR shots of dancers during a festival (is it possible to do HDR with moving dancers?). I linked your site lately to our photo group and they slowly got inspired and liked your site very much. Kudos to your work!

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