Red Death

Here is the Chinese graveyard just outside of Kuala Lumpur. They put pictures of the deceased on the outside of the elaborate tombs.
Red Death

  • crispi

    I stumbled on your site looking for pictures of Malaysia – I’d just like to thank you for the lovely pictures of my hometown 🙂 It looks like you missed checking out the cathedral in the middle of the city though – I think it’d round out the religions in Malaysia – so far you have Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist.

  • sprite

    Came across your lovely photos from Flickr.
    To the Chinese, an ancestor’s burial site on
    a hill slope brings good feng shui and will
    ensure prosperity for future generations.
    Usually the tombstone is white or grey, don’t
    know what is the reason for this red painted
    color. Maybe to be outstanding even among
    the dead!

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