The Entrance in Kiev

This is the ornate entrance to a huge religious complex in Kiev. The sky was overcast and the same color as the white of the buildings. I happened to catch a little bird up there as you can see.

The Entrance

  • What a great photograph. I’m really enjoying these images from Ukraine and hope that you will get a chance to visit Lviv and surrounding mountain villages in western Ukraine. Much much different than Kharkov.

  • anna

    your pictures are amazing… you definitely have a good eye and a good camera! i really appreciate them, thank you.

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  • Victoria

    Beautiful pictures! I was born and spent the first twenty years of my life in Kiev. It was nice to see the city through your eyes. Your pictures made me a bit homesick 🙂 and that doesn’t happen very often. Thank you!

  • Dani

    Wow these pictures are amazing! I’m planning on going to Kiev in Jan-Aug 2010 and your pictures make me so excited!

  • Steve

    It’s the entryway to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra monastery. Below the complex are catacombs where Orthodox saints are buried. It’s a beautiful collection of buildings and steeped in history. As I recall, one of the perimeter walls of the complex is something like 800 years old.

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