Home Sweet Home

This is a place I passed every day when walking from my apartment to Mike’s apartment while in Ukraine. BTW, they now seem to get pretty agitated when you call it "The Ukraine"… just stick with "Ukraine", and it will avoid you some dirty looks, which are not the good kind of looks to get from Ukrainians.
Home Sweet Home

  • great photo.

  • akaking

    does this place have what they call ‘Potential’ :o)

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  • Anonymous

    I realize that on the outside, it looks very bleek.But I will say that I went out walking at midnite all the time and NEVER had a scare. the guys on the corner all said Priviat.I feel more concerned here in Florida at night///maybe it was because I am a former Golden glove boxer and walk with certainy and a smile…..Oh , by the way, If u smile alot , the people there believe you are crazy , or just did something bad…………Im still smiling1 

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