Wild Icelandic Furbeasts

Here once again are some of those furry horsical creatures that run free around the fjords of Iceland. These guys are surprisingly docile, although I did not try to ride one.

Wild Icelandic Furbeasts

  • Well, you know what we say in Norway:

    What do you do if you get lost in an Icelandic forest?
    Stand up.

    So much for digression. Thanks for sharing your great photographs.

  • Shaun

    curious what lens you shot this with…ive been looking for a good wide angle nikkor

  • hehe – I used a 10-20mm Sigma here…. it’s a great lens!

  • Hah – I just got myself one of those lenses. If you have a Pentax, they can be had for a bargain price over at ebay. I think the seller is called cametacamera. (No connection to me, just a happy customer).

    Next in line will be a good long lens.

  • wow, awesome photos, from a fellow photographer.

  • Thanks all!

  • Yes, truly awesome photos each one of them. Will come back to look up for more.

  • Gary

    I’ve got one of those Sigma 10-20s too (though Canon fit) and I am most happy with it. You sometimes have to watch that you’re not including your own feet! 🙂

  • MIkael Alborg

    Fantastic photos…. have you ever been in television like Animal Planet? iam looking for a photographer i saw on tv. Do you have more photos of icelandic horses. Iam very greatfull if you answer this.

  • Thanks! No… never been on Animal Planet… waiting for their call! 🙂

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  • Janman

    This horse could earn a decent living in Vegas as an Elvis impersonator.

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