The Secret Underground Ukrainian Restaurant

This is a super cool restaurant in Kharkov. I wish I could have gotten a lot more shots, but when a Russian owner glares at you, it’s generally a good idea to put away your camera.
The Secret Ukrainian Underground Restaurant

  • Great colours.

    This place could be a tavern straight out of World of Warcraft…

  • me

    that is not a photo silly.

  • JM

    That looks like a real photo man – except the details are really stylized because I think the photographer is using HDR.

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  • cortney

    thats not a real photo, but heres a link to areal underground restaurant.

  • mark

    I remember one were the floor was heavy glass and there was fish and sea creatures swimming around..

    I cant remember the name but the the word “Green” comes up when I think about it…

  • Anonymous

    Hey all, That IS a real photo taken by Trey ! He can do anything with all his ability !
    And the place is real too ! Ate there many times . The upstairs is just remarkable with history

  • Becki Wright

    So how do i find this restaurant? 

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