The Docks in Vancouver

Everyone in Vancouver probably knows this building, but, being an outsider, I found it kinda cool.
The Docks

  • Your work inspires me. Thanks for sharing your incredible photos.

  • Great shot of my home city.. I have a bunch of HDRs from around Vancouver on my blog if you’re interested.. Keep up the great work.

  • j

    I am awestruck, you are amazing at capturing Van! even with the grayest city and a glimpse of socialised healthcare…

  • yvonne

    can u tell me wat cam do u use 2 take pic?
    plz email me back THX
    d pic tat u took is soo amazin
    it like am THERE
    i love 2 c more

  • Thanks! Feel free to read my tutorial – just do a search in the box there on the right for “tutorial”

  • It was a great picture of Canada place! These days there aren’t many visitors becasue of this weather in Vancouver. If you ever travel to canada, please check this website;

  • Yes that is Canada Place and inside those big sails is a 3D Movie Theater that is very large. This area is quite fascinating for photos. It’s also where you’ll see a cruise ship normally docked. Across the water is North Vancouver.

    I am a bit curious on why you decided to blur this photo a bit..

    I really like the angle.

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