One Dollar, Sir!

I arrived at this remote Cambodian temple late in the afternoon and was immediately descended upon by about a dozen children, all offering me locally made goods for $1.

"One dollar sir! One dollar sir!" they all whined, offering me baskets full of beads.

"You are so handsome!" they all screamed. I asked them if I could pay them $1 to follow me around all day and yell that aloud. I thought that would be a real bargain to bring them into meetings with me and have them in the corner constantly commenting on how good-looking I am.

I happened to be sitting there for several minutes trying to swap out my lens, and these two girls were the most persistant and the best salespeople. I asked if I could give them each a dollar, pick out a few bracelets, and take their photograph. They (obviously) happily agreed!
One Dollar, Sir!

  • Susan

    Great story and photo Trey! They look like they were having fun!

  • Great story. They have to be enterprising at such a young age just to servive. So sad.

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  • Ryan (bone)

    Seems to me they are quite pleased with their marketing tactic. “Silly man, he actually believes us. How preposterous!”

  • Dave

    That picture is magic.

  • what a amazing photo! but i’m sad to think of the poor children in spite of their bright laughter.

  • Karl

    What a great moment and a perfect photo.

  • This photo is SO beautiful!

  • Dar


  • Wow! Its amazing how universal a smile is. It does not matter what language you speak or what culture you are from. Everyone knows a real smile! Your work has inspired me to explore my interest in photography to a new level. Thanks!

  • D

    The kids there have amazing spirit even though they face great difficulties in life. This is an amazing photo, wonder what made them laugh like that! so endearing and beautiful.

    Also think you were in luck that no other kids spotted you buying the bracelets for them or you would have been in big trouble! (somehow i was always surrounded by no less than 5 kids at each temple. Resorted to hiding behind trees and bushes at 1 point to take candid photos and let my friend walk ahead and for him to take their attention)

    *definitely bookmarking you.

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  • ylva

    You’ve got a lot of great pictures! Love thatone. It made me cheer up 🙂
    Thanks, I needed it!

  • Jenny Mom

    I don’t know if you will ever see this but we (my husband and I and his family, he’s from cambodia) went to cambodia in May of 2009 and we met these same girls and we have videos of them telling us that Obama was their father! They cracked us up!!! I love your pictures!!! Especially the ones of Cambodia since I totally feel in love with it and never wanted to leave!!

  • Jenny Mom

    P.s The Older one told us her name was spider!

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