Amazing Fireworks Exploding Inside a Cloud Over the River

I did make it to the postponed fireworks show down on Lake Austin last night. It was very stormy, as usual, and they shot off a bunch of the fireworks into some low clouds, which caused some very strange and interesting results.

I missed my trip to Shanghai because of some travel visa issues, but it was nice to be in Austin for a few bonus days to see the big show.

I’ve decided to call this shot “Tongue of Satan”.

Also, I get many requests about how I do this stuff… I have a tutorial up right here. It’s poorly written. Sorry about that.

Tounge of the Devil - What it looks like when fireworks explode inside of a cloud over a river

  • Matthew


    I’m a big fan of your photography, and I’m always curious about the shots you post on your front page. I’ve read your tutorials, but I’m more interested in some technical specs of each photo such as the EXIF data and for the HDR shots, if it was done from a single raw, or the number of jpg’s you used.

    I’m not sure if other people are interested in the same data, but I’d love to see this info posted with each photo!!


  • Thanks! This one was a 2 exposure HDR. I can’t post data on each one unfortunately because it takes too long. You should see basic EXIF on this one if you click through to the Flickr site.

  • I am not a photographer I just enjoy your shots Thanks

  • you’ve outdone yourself again! I lived in Austin for a few years, but I was never around to see the fireworks…

  • Ben

    My brother and I are the shooters of this firework show. The staff at austin country club and the setting make this one of our favorite shows to shoot every year. Your photography is amazing! I thought we had a great view 75′ away! I think I like your photographs more than being under the show. I would love for you to come out and take some pictures from our angle. The company we shoot for puts on an amazing fireworks display every new years in San Antonio at the hemisphere. Fireworks are coming from the top of the tower and from the ground. It makes for one of the best shows you will ever see and it provides some amazing photo opportunities. I think your style of photography would be awesome here! Please email me so we can get together. [email protected]

  • Hey thanks – that sounds like fun!

  • Man you did an awesome job, all your photography is so beautiful just found your site today! Really enjoy your work.

  • thanks!

  • so exciting

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