There were no fireworks, but there was this nice sunset

I went out to my secret spot to get fireworks shots (that is not all that secret), but they did not shoot off because of all the high water and floods. But, there was still a great sunset… so I snapped this one.

I’m off to Shanghai – fresh shots soon! 🙂

There were no fireworks, but there was this pretty sunset

  • Susan

    Oh wow! What a beautiful sunset Trey – great one!! Have a good trip – can’t wait to see the photos!

  • tim

    Ahh, clean water and clear skies. From a fellow Austinite-cum-Shanghairen … enjoy your visit to China. You won’t be photographing anything like that sunset here, but maybe something like this.

  • TimW

    Hey, I was at the same spot! I think I even saw you down on the bridge. It’s funny, a lady saw me setting up the tripod on top of the cliff, and starting talking about your fireworks pictures from last year, and then she asked, “Are you him?” I said, “No, but that guy down there on the bridge might be.” Haha. Disappointing about the no show on the fireworks. The sunset was nicer than usual for that spot though. Here’s a pic from a different perspective.

    I’m excited to see your China pics. I was there in May, and just couldn’t defeat the haze and perpetual gray sky.

    By the way, how’s that new tutorial coming along?

  • haha yes that was me down there. The fireworks were last night instead, so I will try to post a shot.

  • Bob Smith

    My new desktop! Thanks

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