The Royal Anandapur Tea Company

For some reason this tea looks really good, even though most teas taste the same to me.

The Royal Anandapur Tea Company

  • Jan

    So, I’m eagerly waiting for the new tutorial…

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  • Sunita

    So there is a tea latte here, I tried it iced, and it was the most amazing drink I’ve ever had and now I’ll have to wait until I go back again to have it.. but if you go to the animal kingdom try it! Its amazing and I bet very few people know about it..

  • Interesting… I had no idea – I will try it too!

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  • Susheva Oksana Gregorian

    Collecting samples of tea. Request a sample.

    Hello Dear friends. I am always ready for worse, that my letter will simply ignore and send in the bad list. But nevertheless, I want to tell a little story about my hobby perfectly delightful to drink tea. My hobby is very young, he will be the speed of year.
    I began to gather a collection of teas and tea drinks from around the world. I will not travel to any other countries, but I am asking my friends to bring me from Italy or Portugal, a small packet of fragrant tea drink, like me.
    In my own small collection of some 20 options for the tea samples to drink. I very much would like to have a small sample of your drinking, your ideal country. I do not have the opportunity to visit your country for an ideal personal experience. But I really ask you a little help. Present me to a very small sample that perfect drink, and he will take a worthy place in your country. Your help is very necessary to me.
    I would really like to love to drink – a natural quality of tea, which will submit to the divine aroma, leaving a pleasant taste and a little to be encouraged – always available, where you were. It will be very interesting for me to see (hear) of interesting information about tea drink in your country, your recipes and secrets of fragrant drink. Thank you very much. Can you imagine my pleasure.
    This drink I name on a gift of God for the help on the night of trouble. ” Help me please, where can I send? I tried to grow small tea plants. I want to, where to see the flowers, and how it smells like tea! In my country is the perfect tea never grows. Our climate does not allow the perfect to enjoy the scent of tea tree. This hobby has become a part of my life. I really wanted this divine drink! I saw your wonderful site. It is very interesting information! I so want to try a small sample of your tea!
    Send me, please, your piece, and you provide me with great pleasure.
    I always hope one of you will wait for the answer!
    Warm congratulations and thank you!
    Best regards.
    Your mailing USPS.
    My address is:
    Representative collection of tea:
    Susheva Oksana Gregorian
    Str.Karla-Libknexta 100/31
    Ukraine UA 87537

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