Steam Tornado

The first time someone photographs a new phenomenon they get to name it, right? I call this a “Steamtrey”. [edit: on Flickr, someone recommended “Treynado”.] Well this shot took forever to get just right… The weather was perfect for the steam to come off the geothermal area and the wind patterns were even more perfect to whip up the steam into a 30-foot high tornado.

All that red in the foreground is a special bacteria that has formed in the super-heated water.

Steam Tornado

  • Patrick

    Very spectacular, great as always!

  • Your images are fascinating. Good work!

  • Tim

    It’s so crisp! Is this your new technique? I’m dying to read the tutorial.

  • Simply amazing photos. I’m definitely adding Yellowstore to my eventual to travel to list!

  • Eric

    What happened to the trees in the background? Forest fire?

  • Blackwidow

    OH! It feels like I’m actually there at yellow stone watching this happened… you’re good!

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