Monkey Love

Here is a male monkey and his mate relaxing near an ancient naga at the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

This is the first shot from a new upcoming tutorial that describes some new techniques with which I am experimenting.  I hope you like it!

Monkey Love

  • Hugo Vincent

    Love the new style, very painterly!

  • ioana

    it looks like an impressionist painting (singer sergent or smthing)

  • Jan

    Cant wait for the new tutorial!!!

  • charles

    I immediatly thought of Monet.

    Interresting, can’t wait to see how the other will turn out

  • Monty

    Quite impressive, looks like natural medium makes me think of paper fibers.

    Speaking of tutorials, I noticed in the background of your “Upgrading to HDR 2.0” you had an unreleased shot of Brenna, titled “Cleaning the Barn” any chance of seeing more from her in the future? (Her portrait makes for a great wall paper.)

  • Eric

    Love the new techniques! Can’t wait to see what other new editing styles you come up with.

  • Thanks all! 🙂

    Yes I do have other pics of Brenna – I should work on those and get them uploaded… 🙂

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