Base Camp at Mount Everest

Don’t worry mom – no frostbite yet.

This is somewhat deep in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal and not too far from the border of Tibet… more later…   😉

Base Camp at Mount Everest

  • susan

    Very funny Trey! Have a safe trip!

  • Wow, are you going to climb Everest?

  • Blackwidow

    You travel so much… lucky

  • Wow, Mount Everest – that sounds like a lot of fun.

    Great photo also.

  • Eric

    ha I thought there was something odd about this picture. Disneyland huh? It’s too bad that theme parks may be the only way people will experience the world instead of visiting the real thing. At least we have your pictures for those that can go there!

  • Kristy

    Disney*world* (not land) 😉

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