A Silent Bridge to the City

Chicago! You can’t go wrong with photographing this city just before or after it gets dark. All the light from the city casts sort of a matrix-glow up into the sky. It’s always a neat effect and this area around Millennium Park is always a prime area for shooting.

It’s been a while since I posted any shots from Chicago, so I am also posting another one I took several months ago that you may enjoy if you have never seen it.

A Silent Bridge to the City

The Neo Monoliths of Chicago

  • A+ man, A+.

  • Did you take any picture of the Bean? We went to Chicago 2 weeks ago, and I felt in love with the Bean. I am curious what would it look like in HDR. I really like the fountain.

  • Thanks! Yes I have a lot of pictures of the Bean. If you click on “Chicago” there on the right, you can see all the Bean shots! 🙂 There are multiple pages, so you will have to click on “Previous Entries” at the bottom to see them all.

  • Kay

    Is there any chance I could have my photograph on that building? If so could you email me back that’d be great.

  • Gong

    Hi I’m photo editor of National Geographic Traveler ( Chinese editon).I want to use The Neo Monoliths of Chicago this image for our magazine.Could you give us a permission?

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