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This is one of the coolest organs I have ever seen in a church. I recently found this one in my stack of pictures from Amsterdam. I believe this is from Oude Kerk in the Red Light District.

Organ Grinder

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    That’s an organ? I thought it was a broken set of pillars! 😀

  • This is indeed one of the organs in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. There are three pipe organs in the Oude Kerk, the old church organ built in 1658 and the cabinet organ built in 1767. The third was built by the German Christian Vater in 1724 and is regarded as one of the finest baroque organs in Europe. It was acknowledged by the church Commissioners as “perfect.” The organ was dismantled whilst renovations were made to the church tower in 1738, and upon reassembling it, Casper Müller made alterations to give the organ more force. It became known as the Vater-Müller organ, to acknowledge the improvement of sound. The organ plays a prominent role in John Irvings novel “Until I find you”. See for more reference,, or

  • Ahhh – thanks for the good info – that is interesting!

  • You know, your photos of churches (and temples and cathedrals), particularly the interiors, are my favorites. The detail you capture is incredible, beyond description with mere words. I’ve got rotating desktop pictures on my computer with all of them! I’m not particularly religious and don’t go to church, but these photos are deeply spiritual to me. Thanks for showing me the world I’d likely never see otherwise. 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • interesting post

  • Man it has been so long

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