I’m the Sweaty Whitey

There may be a place hotter than Cambodia, but it’s guarded by the river Styx.

Speaking of supernatural post-life hangouts, the extreme heat of Cambodia made me contemplate that the cold apres-ruin shower is closer to Nirvana than my Buddhist friend here will ever achieve.

That is Sokhoun there wearing a fetching summer ensemble of dark red robes. He has 6 different color robes that he wears on different occasions. I assume these occasions are more or less dictated by whichever robe is the least sweaty.

I'm the Sweaty Whitie

  • dude, your black wedding ring kicks ass. oh ps, your photos are regulars on my desktop. keep up the amazing work.

  • Kara Mattox

    Love the t-shirt! When are you coming to Nashville to get some shots?!?!!

  • hehe thanks! No nashville on the schedule… but that would be cool!

  • Fabulous photos—poor thing you are sweating like buckets.

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