A Castle in New York

Actually I think it’s just a church. But I like how it is positioned on this corner and the architecture is pretty unique for that area. I think I was around Chelsea when I shot this.

Street Castle in NY

  • nyc

    This is actually a branch of NYPL: Jefferson Market Library. Beautiful building, indeed. There is also a very cozy public park on the back. Believe it or not, it was a jail/courthouse before 🙂 This building might look familiar to some — it appeared in one of the Sex and the City episodes as a place for a wedding.

    More photos on NYCfoto: http://www.nycfoto.com/showPage.php?albumID=1028

  • nyc

    I’ve just noticed that you “placed” this building in Chelsea. It is located more to the East — in Greenwich Village: 6Ave and 10St.
    There is a real (although built as decorative) castle in Central Park: Belvedere Castle. Here it is on NYCfoto: http://www.nycfoto.com/showPage.php?albumID=737

  • Thanks for the good info! 🙂

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