The Dome in Kiev

I was asked in the Flickr comments of this picture if I get scared while carrying around an expensive camera and tripod around with me. I replied no, not really. I keep the tripod cocked on my shoulder. It’s big and metal and I think anyone knows that an assault will be repelled by the business end of that tripod. It leaves a mark.

Inside the Dome

  • Ksenia

    Saying “The Dome in Kiev” is like saying “The Museum in Paris”… to be more exact, this is the main cupola of St. Volodymyr’s (or Vladimir’s, if you prefer) Orthodox Cathedral (Kiev Patriarchate). Yes, there is more than one Ukrainian Orthodox church there—there are at least 4. This particular edifice is famous for having unusual Art Nouveau (what the locals call “Moderne”) icons and the relics of St. Barbara. Be sure to visit on August 14 and 19, when the faithful bring field flowers and harvest baskets for blessing. PS: gorgeous photos!

  • are you sure this is not Saint Sofia Cathedral in Kiev?

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