New York and New Flickr?

I uploaded the picture of Manhattan below to Flickr today and I started thinking about this daily routine. Upload… Blog here… Write something moderately interesting… Rinse and repeat.

Some of my friends mentioned that Zooomr was launching their Mark III software today. I looked into it and the new features look really sharp (although it hasn’t launched yet…it should later today). I watched a bit of this deal about the launch with Thomas Hawk (Zoomr CEO and cool photographer) and this 19-year-old programmer guru named Kris. I think that guy is pretty sharp… certainly dedicated and passionate and that’s 90% of the battle.

I am curious how Zoomr and such a small team can implement so many cool features when Flickr is fairly stagnant. I think Flickr is great and all…they just seem a bit lazy with adding cool features. It’s where I keep all my work and I will likely copy over some of my best to Zooomr as soon as they get that auto-import option turned on. Flickr has promised to give Zooomr the API as soon Zooomr gives theirs up, which should happen later today.

I put an extra picture below… another one of my favorites from New York, since this post has kind of a “new” theme.

Little Boxes at Night

Times Square at Dusk

  • Matt

    Both of this images are really nice, especially the first one. I love it.. your work is outstanding!
    Do you mind if I ask you what kind of wide angle lens you use? I looked at the about page, but couldn’t find anything. Thank you very much!

  • Thanks!

    This was shot with a Sigma 10-20mm.

  • Great shots! So impressive! I love them! You should come down to’d love the historical photo opps.

    Thanks for checking out my blog too. You might just have to be my Shout Out for the week!

  • Matt

    I was hoping it was that lens, I’m thinking of buying one myself but couldn’t really decide. Thank you, and keep up the great work! 🙂

  • I wrote about Flickr v Zooomr a couple of weeks ago too. I’ve been uploading my best photos to both for about six months or so.

    Why is Zooomr innovating and Flickr not? Zooomr has much more freedom to innovate right now (but not $$$– their angel investor withdrew a couple of weeks ago), Kristopher Tate is a boy genius (IMO), and Thomas Hawk is a great CEO, bringing business expertise, photography knowhow and a firm idea of what photosharing sites should offer to their customer.

    Flickr, on the other hand, has sheer size and volume working against innovation, not to mention their owners. When Yahoo acquired them it spelled the end of rapid innovation…the sluggery of being owned by one of the big boys means time and change now moves at the speed of molasses.

  • Agreed with all above, your photos are always awe inspiring.

    I also agree with Karoli that Flickr has the size of the community going against them for innovation. Plus the fact that they already have a bunch of cool features and adding others may affect their current set of features a lot of testing would need to take place.

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