Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center

After I went to the top, I visited the bottom of Rockefeller center, where the famous ice-skating rests. The huge lights on both sides of the building created a cool purple streaming light that exploded out of both sides of the building, making for a very cool effect (at least I think so!).

Ice Skating at Rockafeller Center

  • Big Fann
    but I think your Digg plug-in is not working correctly … take a look at this:

  • Christine

    You know it’s spelled Rockefeller, right?

  • charles

    Fabulous!! Just Fabulous.

    What focal did you use for this? speed, shutter, iso, how many picture to do the hdr?

  • Thanks – and I will fix that.

    I have the details on the Flickr page for this about how it was shot

  • You continue to blow me away with those images. I am in NY as well. I took some HDR shots last month. It would be great to meet up with a master next time you are in the NY area.

  • Hi,
    This photo is the nuts! I was in NYC at Easter, I went up the Rockerfeller, but didn’t have a lens wide enough to get the whole building in frame from the bottom. I love the HDR stuff. could you point me to any good tutorials on creating these kind of exposures?


  • Thanks! I have a tutorial up at

  • Many thanks for the tutorial.

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