Castle Reflections

I spent a lot of time outside of bathrooms wandering around with my camera. I ended up on this not-oft-visited side of the Disney Castle.  I wonder if they have secret rooms at the top of the castle with high-speed internet.  If I ran Disney, I would put my most creative people in the top of those spires in cool little offices and equip them with crossbows and burning pitch just in case.

Castle Reflections

  • Ambrosia

    When I was at Disney in February they were having a contest where the grand prize was a night in the tower of Cinderella’s castle…not quite as cool as workers with high speed internet, crossbows and pitch, but still pretty cool…

  • That is cool – so I guess there is a room up there.

  • I read about that room a while ago, and it is pretty nifty. Walt Disney had it built for himself at first, but after he passed away it had a couple other roles, including housing switchboard operators who undoubtedly would have enjoyed the option of firing flaming arrows on occasion. Now it’s Cinderella’s Castle Suite and, as stated above, is available as a prize to visitors. The wiki has the info:

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