Eastern Bloc

For some reason, the picture of this gal I put up a few days ago got 4x the hits the my usual pictures in the first 24 hours. I don’t understand why people like looking at this stuff instead of landscapes and strange buildings. So anyway, let them eat cake I say…. here is another.

(just kidding…. of course…. glad you like this series)

Eastern Bloc

  • I like how you’re branching out into a bit of the fashion realm. However, as [somewhat of] a peer, I gotta agree with your joking: I prefer your landscapes and man-on-the-street work.

    Thanks again for sharing your collection with the world! You’re slowly influencing me to do the same with my work (instead of sheilding it with small-dimension versions!)

  • I think it is funny too Trey!
    Personally I think that the answer lies in the thumbnail image. If you look at the thumbnail of the girl sitting down, with what appears at first glance to be huge feet, you think, “What the… is that?” and click on it to see the bigger image, to understand it.
    It would be an interesting experiment to try creating a crappy image that actually looks REALLY interesting as a Flickr thumbnail, and then see how it goes for views..
    Keep up the good work, and your “man on the street” portraits are much more of a winner to me!

  • Thanks for the comments – appreciated

  • Rob

    where do you find all of these beautiful women to photograph?

  • Anonymous

    She looks like my first girlfriend in Kiev. Many ladies in Ukraine have this look with huge eyes and long legs. It is because in the past wars, russian soldiers would kill teachers, scientist BUT they also captured and brought back the most beautiful woman too. That is why Kharkov is known for having the most gorgeous ladies . one of them was my fiancee!!!

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