Thanks Helga – and here is an Icelandic canvas for you

I do appreciate all the testimonials I get, and it often gives me a chance to go look at other photographers and whatnot… So I am always surprised when one of my favorites photographers comes by and gives me one of her own. I uploaded this picture of this icy lake in Iceland, since that is where Helga is from, and I am jealous she gets to live there all year round. Here is a link to her one of her Flickr portfolios.

Thanks Helga!  Here is your canvas...

  • Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! lvjlbiinrhxmco

  • Bjorn

    Lay-off the Photoshop, these pix look like bloody cartoons…

  • Teryn

    What kind of camera did you use?

  • kula Jon

    Did you have to use Lucis for every photo? I’d like to see the originals.

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