Shattered in Holland

I found this in an old church in Amsterdam. I thought it was very strange but cool, and I new the HDR technique would add a very interesting and surreal touch to this unique find. I don’t know… maybe people will hate this one, but I find it a mesmerizing take on the old “puddle reflection” shot.


  • Lis

    I think it works very well. 🙂

  • I think this is great!

  • David

    This is great, but which surface is it on in the church, the ceiling?

  • Well, it looks cliched for one; but the fact that they are broken mirrors(?) give it a different look to it.


  • This picture is EXCELLENT, what is that stuff on the floor?

  • This is sick, man, just sick!

  • Mo


  • Kathi

    Really amazing 🙂

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