Stuck in Disney World

I’ve been traveling so much lately and not been the greatest dad in the world so I brought the family to Disney World for a few days. I don’t think I have been in over 30 years myself, so it is really surprising to see everything that is new. Also, it’s a fantastic place for photography. I have a really good idea for a photo series, but my wife thinks it is a horrible idea and I should not attempt it under any circumstances. However, I am going to try it anyway… it’s just too good of an idea.

Anyway, this picture below is not from that experimental series… it’s just a shot of Disney World at the Magic Kingdom. I will do my best not to get the traditional shots of the parks and activities… I wish there weren’t all these tourists here. I need my own park, like Cartman.

Stuck in Disney World

  • susan

    Beautiful Trey – hope you are having fun! Be careful!

  • Beautiful shot. I’m something of a photobug at WDW myself.

    I’d be interested in hearing about your idea for a series of photos at WDW. I’m always looking for new ideas myself, since I go there every year for vacation and have already shot most of the typical photo ops, some many times over.

  • bgarchar

    Nice shot – Post some pics of you and the fam!

  • That’s a beautiful photo! I’m another Disney World photo enthusiast. In fact, check out the link on my name if you’re interested. I’m curious about your project as well.

  • Kakaze

    That is seriously one of the best shots I’ve ever seen of the castle.

    Next time I go there I need to look for unique shots like that. I don’t even take a camera when I go with me now cause I live in Orlando and I’ve been so many times it’s just like “meh”.

    I’ve become jaded to the happiest place on Earth.

  • Beautiful. WDW is such a colorful place, I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  • …….

  • Edward

    I highly doubt you would respond to this…but I am visiting in the next week or so for Christmas…

    which is the best park to focus on during the night…in your opinion…

    and any other hints for taking pictures here?

    thanks if you get to this in time and respond…

    if not…its chill…

    your work is breathtaking and I strive to be as good as you some day.

  • Thanks all!

    All are great at night – animal kingdom could be the most interesting at night…

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