Steam Engine – A Giant Geothermal Plant in Iceland

Here is a huge geothermal plant from Iceland that was built on top of some the most active hot spots in the country. It was a very surreal place and we were able to walk right up to do it, around it, and all through it. We never saw another human the whole time. It reminded of that book Sun of Suns when they visited the artificial sun that was a self-sustaining device that no one really understood. The sounds of the turbines churning and the excess steam exhaust was rather unreal as well…

Below that, I posted another shot about 2 KM from the plant where everything was untouched and still natural.

Steam Engine

Not of this Earth - The Bubbling Sulfur Pools of Iceland

  • Max

    The second picture is amazing! May I ask what camera you use? And also, for all your HDR images, do you take a series of photographs of varying exposures or do you use one RAW file? Love your work!

  • Awesome shots as always!

    After working in Yellowstone last summer, I couldn’t imagine them destroying it by building a hideous metal heap like that in Iceland. But it really gives your picture some great character.

  • Wow, very nice pictures! And, funny detail: What is an “Augustiner Bräu München” Beer Truck doing at that plant? 😉

  • Patrick

    The second pic is so off worldly! Beautiful!

    @Johannes:Given the beer truck and the fact there was nobody there, maybe they were all sleeping it off…

  • Wow, I guess MyBlogLog is good for something since it got me to your page – these photos are surreally beautiful. When I’m an actual architect some day I’ll hire you to shoot my buildings 😉

  • Absolutely fascinating and surreal. Absolutely no filter used? Wow. What a place to visit…

  • Mo

    im a big fan of you work trey…simply marvelous! and was surprised that you visit Malaysia many time… but ofcos lah! who else going to judge over customs.. looking forward to your next post.

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