DKNY – Crashing a Fashion Shoot in NYC

I was walking back to my hotel the other night and I came across this DKNY fashion shoot. It was a big old hullabaloo with a crew of about 9 people and a bunch of pretentious DKNY manager-types standing around holding clipboards and scowling.

I started taking shots. Everything was cool until a jerky guy with a clipboard and a scowl came over and said, “Sorry you can’t do that we have a permit.”

I said, “But this is a public street in New York.”

“But we have a permit.”

“This is for advertising DKNY, right?” I prodded.


“Well I get over 3 million visitors to my photography blog per month. So either 3 million people will hear me say something nice about DKNY or something mean about DKNY.”

“We have a permit, sir,” rolling his eyes at the word “blog.”

So anyway, if you have a choice between DKNY and something else that might not be made by elitists that hold clipboards and speak with faux British accents, choose the other.


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  • this would fit right into Vogue’s September issue, great shot!

  • They were fools. This is probably the best shot of the night. Love the action blur!

    Stupid little man with the clipboard, stupid, stupid.

  • Jan

    great photo indeed!!

  • Hah! I love how people think they can pull that kind of crap in public places.

    P.S. Does your blog do trackback? I’d like to comment on this. And, what tagcloud plugin do you use? I think I am going to use that instead of categories.

  • Neo

    I’ve been living in NY for few years now and shit like that happens all the time. It’s so annoying.

    Security guards say you’re not allowed to take photos, police are annoying…

    They arrest people for taking pictures in Penn Station. I hate that.

    Oh and if you take photos while in your car, you might get a paper in the mail and a call requiring you to meet up with a cop/investigator to whom you’ll have to explain why you were taking a picture of some building.

    I’ve had two of those.

  • Wow that is crazy – thanks for all the comments – interesting to read.

    And yes my blog does do trackback.

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  • wow*

    is it OK to still like the Models wearing DKNY???

    or do i have to switch completely to bebe?


    nice shot dude*

  • Jayla

    awesome shot – u made a gud argument – damn stupid scowling man

  • I love your thoughts! I normally don\’t even bother to leave comments, but I wanted to let you know that you hit the nail on the head!

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