New York City in HDR

I am here in NYC for the Virtual Worlds conference, but I made it out tonight to take a shot of the city. Have you heard of it? It’s this really big city in the east somewhere.

This was shot from the “Top of the Rock” deal at on top of Rockafeller center. They really overproduce the whole “Top of the Rock” brand and experience. They make you watch movies and make you think this is something much more than being on top of a building… but I just ignored all that and went straight to the top.

How about a little New York City in HDR?

  • JC

    it’s actually called “Top of the Rock” off of Rockafeller. Kind of crazy because subway conductors now have to announce “Top of the Rock” at that stop. Stupid marketing getting in the way of my commute.

  • Nice! I like the column of light… but I think I prefer your chicago one better…

  • susan

    Wow! Beautiful Trey – feels like you are there!

  • You are right – Top of the ROCK – my bad!

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